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Lenny the Loser Apologizes to the Rams

Lenny The Loser talks about the biggest loser in the NFL

An open letter to the Los Angeles Rams:

The Loser apologizes. Humbly. Profusely. Without any hedging or rationalization or attempt at a George Santos-like “explanation.” Well, sort of.

Technically, The Loser never accused the Rams of quitting. Here is what was written:

Broncos -3 over RAMSNot saying the Rams have quit, but they’re not trying very hard to win. At all. It’s almost as if they’ve quit but we would never accuse a professional team of quitting. Even if it seems as if they’ve quit.

Nowhere is it written that the Rams have quit. (wink; wink.)

The Rams, losers of 7-of-8, were getting three points against the Broncos. We take the Broncos, who had shown signs of life. Fast forward. Rams, 51-14. Denver coach Nathaniel Hackett is fired.

Baker “The Commercial Maker” Mayfield looks like the Heisman Trophy winner and No.1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He completes 24-of-28 passes (Tom Brady territory) for 230 yards with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a QBR of 124.7.

Progressive Insurance on Line 1, Mr. Mayfield. “We’d like to start running your stadium commercials again.”

Of all the picks The Loser has made this season, clearly this was the nadir, the bottoming out of a prognosticator. Clearly, the Super Bowl champs still have some pride.

As for the Broncos, we‘re not saying the Broncos have quit, but they’re not trying very hard to win. At all. It’s almost as if they’ve quit but we would never accuse a professional team of quitting. Even if it seems as if they’ve quit.

This we’re sure of – they sure quit on Hackett.


TITANS +12 over Cowboys – The Titans aren’t in a freefall. It’s worse. Their chute isn’t opening. Their emergency chute isn’t opening. The ground is rushing up at them in nanoseconds and that object in the sideview mirror – the Jacksonville Jaguars – are MUCH closer than it appears.

The Jags and Titans have identical 7-8 records, but Jacksonville owns the tiebreaker because of a 36-22 win earlier this season. Tennessee has lost five straight. Jackson has won three straight and 5-of-7.

The AFC South title could be decided next week when they meet in Jacksonville. Which means this is a MUST WIN for Tennessee.

The Titans managed just 14 points last week in a 19-14 loss to the lowly Houston Texans. Backup QB Malik Willis looked worse than Zach Wilson, throwing two picks, no touchdowns and hoping to hand the ball off to Derrick Henry and duck.

The Cowboys can still win the NFC East by beating the Titans and winning at the Washington Commanders next week while the Eagles lose to the Saints and Giants at home. In other words, Dallas has a lot to play for, too.

We just don’t see the Titans going quietly into the offseason. We’ll take the Titans and the 12 points. Tennessee will show up for a marque night home game. Henry will rush for more than 110 yards against a Dallas defense that is allowing 135 yards on the ground on the road.


JETS Pick ’Em over Jaguars – Jaguars, 19-3. The top two picks in the 2021 NFL Draft go head to head – No.1 Trevor Lawrence vs Zach Wilson. Lawrence has blossomed in his sophomore season and looks like a franchise QB. Wilson has done the wrong things, said the wrong things, looks like the wrong thing. Wilson (9-of-18 for 92 yards, one Pick) may never start another game in a Jets uniform.

Lions -2.5 over PANTHERS – Panthers, 37-23. Detroit hasn’t put out a product with this much excitement since the Mustang. Detroit got caught watching its own TikTok videos, gave up 320 yards rushing!

BROWNS -3 over Saints – Saints, 17-10. The Loser picked the Saints to win the NFC South and they are one game behind the crumbling Bucs. So why didn’t we pick the Saints?

VIKINGS -4 over Giants – Vikings, 27-24. The Giants are simply too limited on offense. Daniel Jones accounts for 368 yards in total offense.

TITANS -3 over Texans – Texans, 19-14. This is the Titans best chance to salvage a playoff berth, even without Ryan Tannehill. Malik Willis looks like Justin Fields 1.0

DOLPHINS -3.5 over PackersDolphins sold The Loser in their gritty loss in Buffalo. Tua Tagovailoa’s career is in jeopardy

HOME team in CAPS

Last Week: 9-7; Best Bets: 3-0

Overall: 109-100-5; +Best bets: 24-18





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