Jazz Reportedly Open To Offers For Donovan Mitchell

Well that was fast. Shortly after putting it out into the world that Donovan Mitchell was not going to be traded, the Utah Jazz have indicated a willingness to listen. Of course, listening is difficult for some people, but the Jazz will be all ears now after the haul the just received for center Rudy Gobert. 

The team most likely believes that the All-Star guard Mitchell will command an even greater price in a bidding war for his services. However, general manager Justin Zanik reiterated Mitchell’s importance to the organization, although stopping short of the untouchable label that gets placed on so many players nowadays. 

Any team trying to acquire the 25-year-old will pay a hefty price, but teams like the New York Knicks have been planning a pursuit of Mitchell for quite some time now. It’s widely believed they will put together a package of draft capital to try and entice the Jazz. A move does not appear imminent, but the idea that a trade is even in the discussion now is a noteworthy change from just a week ago.