Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Believe That A Trade Is Unlikely

Kevin Durant
Kevin DurantKyrie Irving

Does anyone else feel like the Brooklyn Nets drama has been going on for at least year now? And I’m only talking about the drama since the trade request made by Kevin Durant. Just me? Well, it’s hard to believe that only weeks have passed since the day that threatened to change the landscape of the NBA and where are we now? 

Well, right back to square one. Despite all the nonsense, the inconsistent rumors, and cryptic social media posts, the Nets stars Durant and Kyrie Irving are beginning to become aware they are not likely to be moved this offseason. Color me shocked. A trade for those players would be difficult. Wow, groundbreaking stuff. 

Whether it’s Irving’s inconsistent availability, or Durant’s desire to be traded to only a handful of teams, the reality is that a deal was never going to be easy, or likely.

“They know behind the scenes that it’s difficult, that it’s unlikely to happen,” a league source said.

Irving maintains that he wants to remain a Net, while Durant has reportedly distanced himself from everyone across the league. Either way, reports indicate that both want changes made in Brooklyn to convince them to stay, but we’ve now reached a point in this saga where every report is simply posturing, or conflicting with another one. Stay tuned, because who knows what will happen next.