Teams Believe Donovan Mitchell Is Available

Donovan Mitchell Remains Sidelined For Friday’s Game

It appears the shakeup in Utah is just getting started. According to ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst, Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell is reportedly still available. After the team traded Rudy Gobert to Minnesota, Windhorst recently revealed that the overall consensus around the league is that the 25-year-old could still be dealt as well.

Whether the Jazz intend to retool or rebuild remains to be seen. Fresh off another disappointing season and now hiring a new head coach, the team appears set to change things up. Many of the rumors to this point currently point to Mitchell potentially being sent to either of the two New York teams depending on what happens with Kevin Durant and the Nets. 

The haul the Jazz received for Gobert has transformed the trade market, skyrocketing the value of many stars like Mitchell. There is still an uneasy relationship between the player and team at the moment, which will set off a leverage battle through the media to extract as much value as possible. Mitchell is still a high quality player who would be a great fit for many teams across the league.