About Us

Who are we?

Bet Basics is for bettors, by bettors. We aim to become a leading provider of betting advice, betting alerts, tips, stats and live odds for real money sports bettors and online casino gamblers across the United States.

We’re a team of five sports fans who have 15 years experience (each) in the world of online gambling. We bring our in-depth knowledge and love for the game to the table to ensure Bet Basics is always giving you the edge over different online casinos and sportsbooks.

What are we about?

Whether you’re a beginner who is dipping their toe into the water of sports and casino gambling for the first time, or a seasoned pro, we aim to provide a service that helps you have an enjoyable and profitable betting experience!

By utilizing cutting edge technology and big data, we constantly provide you with up to the minute information, analysis and market predictions relying on dozens of legal leading sportsbooks. If we manage to improve your chances of winning, enhance your betting bonus or bagged you a free bet, we’ve successfully done our job.



How to guides

Our how to guides teach all the basics of online sports betting. Whether it’s the NFL, NBA, MLB or any other sport, our guides cover everything from different bet types (e.g. moneyline, spread, totals), how to read odds and tips and strategies for maximizing your profits. Soon you’ll feel like a seasoned pro who’s ready to take on the sportsbooks and win!

Premium analysis

For more experienced bettors, we offer premium analysis that delves into the intricate elements of NFL, NBA and MLB games and identifies areas for bettors to keep an eye on. The purpose of our premium analysis is to help you find the edge that other bettors won’t by analyzing how certain aspects of the game will impact your wagers.

Real time odds and stats

The Bet Basics Odds and Stats page is the perfect location for bettors to stay up to date with the most recent odds and lines being offered by sportsbooks for upcoming NBA, NFL and MLB games. Bettors will have fast and easy access to the best value odds on the market for all moneyline, spread, totals and more, before being being automatically redirected to the chosen sportsbook so you can place your bet. We’ve even got a built in odds calculator so you can figure out exactly how much you stand to win if your bet hits!

Sportsbook and Casino reviews

We’ve analyzed each of the top sportsbooks and online casinos available to bettors in the United States and reviewed them based on their reliability, trustworthiness, casino game and sports betting market variety as well as customer experience. Our list of Bet Basics recommended 100% licensed and regulated legal sportsbooks and casinos are the perfect place to start your betting journey and the find the right fit for your wagering needs.

Exclusive offers and promotions

The team at Bet Basics offers you some of the top exclusive bonuses and promotions available on the market with our recommended sportsbooks and online casinos. We aim to give you all the tools you need to get your gambling experience off to a great start, and ultimately turn it into a profitable one!

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