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The NBA league has 30 teams.
About 450 players from all over the world play in the NBA, making it one of the most difficult professional leagues to be signed to.
Yes you can. Simply pick your favorite team to win the NBA title by clicking the Futures betting option on your preferred NBA team card. There are many more lines available on each team betting card, some for the coming game and some for future events, like making it to the NBA Playoffs.
There are dozens of ways to bet on any NBA team. If you wish to bet on a team to win the next game, pick the Moneyline betting option. If you think your team will win with an extra points difference, pick the Spread betting option, if you think that the next game will result in a high or low score, pick the Totals and if you wish to bet on future outcomes, like betting your team to make it to the NBA playoffs, choose the FUTURES bets.

So many betting options, so little time... ;)

There are millions to be made betting on NBA games. Millions on every game. But before you get all excited, be aware that millions are lost betting on the NBA every night.

It's a margin game. Sportsbooks make their living off it. You should try to gain as much edge as you can.
We're here to help you improve your winning margins, find better betting odds, uncover hidden stats, discover new ways to bet on NBA teams. We'll also help you secure the latest sportsbook promo codes, we'll highlight the latest no sweat promos. You get the point - we're on the same team. If you win, you'll come back for more tips, more promos and more wins. Our goal is to make betting fun and easy, but help you maintain a winning record while doing so. Each NBA team card has the respective team stats. When you click on 'betting options' you will flip the card and see the next game and all relevant odds and lines + betting tips. if you wish to dig deeper, click on 'go to game' and see past matchup scores, recent results, lineups, top players, news and FAQs.

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