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The MLB league has 30 teams.
About 780 baseball players play in the MLB league.
Yes you can. Simply pick your favorite team to win the world series by clicking the Futures betting option on your preferred MLB team card.
There are dozens of ways to bet on any MLB team. From first team to score, to number of wins, Longest win streak, American League Winner, Worst Record, To make the post season, Wins Leader, Best record, to reach the ALCS or NLCS... If you wish to bet on a team to win the next game, pick the Moneyline betting option. If you think your team will win with a point difference, pick the Spread betting option, if you think that the next game will result in a high or low score, pick the Totals and if you wish to bet on future outcomes, like betting your team to make the world series, pick the FUTURES bet.

If you build it, they will come!

'It' being a smart bet slip on the coming MLB games and 'they' being $$$$$$ ;) 162 games each MLB season represent so many betting events... On Bet Basics we decided to make every bettor an expert by showcasing all MLB teams, their stats, rankings, past results, coming games, players, injury lists and more. But the real fun part happens when you click on betting options. The card flips and you'll be in betting paradise - each bet is explained, there's an expert tip next to each selection, odds shown are presented best to worst... It takes a couple of clicks to make a decision and head to the best sportsbook for that bet. Remember - each MLB bet can feature a different sportsbook, as odds vary, with some sportsbooks being less competitive on certain bet types and more aggressive on others. that's why we recommend our members to open several sportsbook accounts through betbasics bet sync service, where you'll be able to track all your accounts, any open betslip and balance per account. Combine the Bet Sync with our betting cards to get the best of both worlds - the best odds, provided by the best sportsbooks, all arranged in a simple and smart way to make any decision easier and faster to make. Having problems calculating all those odds? head to the betbasics odds calculator section. It's 100% free to use. Ready to hit your next home run? Let's go!

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