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Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney Pull a Tyreek Hill and Win Super Bowl MVP?
PLAYER: Kadarius Toney. COLLEGE: Florida. TEAM: Kansas City Chiefs. POSITION: Wide receiver. HEIGHT: 6-0. WEIGHT: 193. DRAFT: Round 1, 20,…
Reading Time: 2Min
Can Dallas Goedert, the "Other" Tight End, Win Super Bowl MVP?
PLAYER: Dallas Goedert. COLLEGE: South Dakota State TEAM: Philadelphia Eagles. POSITION: Tight end. HEIGHT: 6-5. WEIGHT: 256. DRAFT: Round 2,…
Reading Time: 5Min
Will Patrick Mahomes ever catch Tom Brady?
Greatness is a funny word. I tried parsing through exactly what it meant earlier this week, when I ranked the…
Reading Time: 4Min
What does Tom Brady's retirement mean for everyone else?
There’s no way Tom Brady comes out of retirement again, right? The greatest of all time has officially called it…
Reading Time: 5Min
What is Half Time or Full Time betting?
The wonderful world of sports betting has given us plenty of things, both positive and negative. From straight bets, to…
Reading Time: 3Min
Patrick Mahomes Leaves Lenny the Loser Green With Envy
Green - the color of mold. Green - the color of algae, which as a famed sports columnist once wrote…
Reading Time: 3Min
Lenny the Loser Loves Roller Coasters, And the Chiefs
There are two kinds of people in this world – those who have a zeal for roller coasters and those…
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Anthony's Conference Round Picks: Welcome to Burrowhead
The regular season does a really good job of weeding out the unworthy. The best seven teams in each conference…
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Chiefs LB Nick Bolton Made 180 Tackles, and Didn't Make the Pro Bowl
Nick Bolton could make history next season. Then he should make history with his next contract. Bolton, a former second-round…

Sports Betting Odds FAQ

Which NFL odds can I find here?
You can find NFL Spread bets, Totals bets and Moneyline bets. We gather lines from all top legal US sportsbooks and casinos and highlight only the best odds for each line. We'll arrange the odds so the best odds with the relevant sportsbook offering these odds appear on top, with a 'best bet' tag.
Why should I look for NFL odds on Bet Basics before heading to my sportsbook?
You compare insurance rates? Credit card rates? Mortgage rates? You should be comparing odds to improve your betting margins and your chances of making more cash for every bet you make. Bet basics helps even betting beginners understand betting lines and get the best odds from top sportsbooks
I found a bet I like, what do I do now?
You have 2 options - the first is to pick the sportsbook which offers the best odds. The 2nd is to join our free Bet Sync service, where you can connect all your betting accounts, view your current combined balance across the sportsbooks, open a new bet slip or review active ones. So if you found the odds your were after, open a new sportsbook account and add it to your bet sync account.
Can I find NFL moneyline odds here?
Yes, each betting card, or matchup card has a Moneyline button. Click it to view the updated lines. Each moneyline has a quick explanation next to it, to make it easy for beginners: here's an example for a Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions moneyline: -260. Meaning: BET $100 on DEN to get $138.46.

Winning isn't everything - it's the ONLY thing!

Boy, was Vince Lombradi right when he said that about winning football games. Betting on NFL games isn't that much different.

Winning is the only thing that matters to our members and BetBasics is here to help you win. 

Our matchup cards highlight all NFL games, each matchup has its own unique and updated card, filled with live game stats, player info, betting lines and the top sportsbooks to bet at.

Any NFL you wish to make is here - from betting who will win the next game (Moneyline) to betting on the total score for both teams (Totals bet) or going for the point difference in Against The Spread (also know as Spread or ATS). We cover every matchup and it's historical rivalry, the NFL stars who played in these matchups and more. Use the NFL betting tips next to each line you're thinking of, so you can get that coveted win.

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