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1. Search for the team name above 2. Click on betting options - Moneyline - if you're looking for 'who will win the next game' odds, choose moneyline. - Totals - if you wish to bet on the total amount of points for the next team matchup, choose Totals, - Spread - if you're looking for the point spread (difference) between the teams playing the next matchup, choose spread and - Futures - if you think your team will win the championship, or will make it to the playoffs, choose Futures. 3. When you see odds you like, click on 'bet on team to win'. It will show you top Sportsbooks, all 100% legal, with the best odds appearing first. 4. Choose a sportsbook and click it to make the bet. 5. Go back to bet basics for more betting tips, great promo codes and live betting action
Pick your favorite team, click on betting options and decide which bet you wish to make. We'll show you the best possible odds for this bet and you will be able to see free expert tips foreach bet you wish to make. We always recommend to open several online betting accounts on legal sportsbooks. Special odds and promotions happen every day and you can capitilize on these offers by visiting BetBasics and subscribing to our promo alerts.
Of course! American odds are a bit more difficult to understand, that's why next to each bet we added a quick explanation of how much a $100 bet on would make. Simply pick a team you're thinking of betting on. Click on betting options and the card will flip to show all the betting events available. Each Team Betting card has explanations next to every bet you're thinking to make. If these aren't enough for you and you're after fully understanding the betting lingo, go to our Basics section, it has great 101 reading odds guides. You can also use our bet calculator to help you before making any decision.

All the Teams, all the Betting Action, in one place!

We cover all NFL, MLB and NBA teams, with more leagues covered soon. But what does 'cover' mean?

Find any detail you'll ever need to make an informed bet on any team - from their current stats, rankings, recent results, covered lines, spreads, roster, lineups, recent news and analysis done on each team and most importantly - each and every betting option is presented in the simplest way, with explanations for our betting beginners. You can click on any team and see its Futures betting lines, with the best odds presented first. We'll explain the odds for each bet and add our expert analytics for free - simply click on the Exert Tips button. We only cover legal sportsbooks, from FanDuel to Points Bet, DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars and more. 

If there's a betting event, we will analyze it, dissect it, and present it in the simplest way, so before risking your money, you can make informed betting decisions. It's a business of margins and we're here to help you gain an edge. Ready to get started?

1. Find your team

2. Check the bet you're most interested in

3. Read the free tips

4. Click to view the Sportsbook offering the best odds

5. Pick the sportsbook you prefer! Click and head to make the bet

6. Return to bet basics for more free tips, promo codes and best gambling advice

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