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NBA futures bets allow bettors to take a chance by wagering on events and outcomes that are still a long way off being settled. In other words, these are bets on things that are set to take place in, well, the future. Some of the top examples of popular NBA futures markets include bettors trying to predict which team will win the NBA Championship, or which player will with the MVP award.


Futures bets often provide bettors the opportunity to take longer odds and in turn, chase more substantial payouts. This is due to the fact there are often long time periods between a bettor placing a futures bet and the final result being known. With more water to flow under the bridge, there’s an increased number of factors that could influence the bet (e.g. injuries, form slumps etc.) and thus the amount of risk the bettor is taking is perceived as greater.


For example, a bet placed in October on a team to win the NBA Championship is more than likely going to payout more than a bet placed on that same team to win the Championship just before Game 7 of the NBA Finals! For a more a detailed explanation of how NBA betting odds work for futures bets and other bet types, click here.


NBA futures bets are a great way for savvy bettors (or anyone with a crystal ball) to get in early and capitalise on longer odds. It’s also an excellent method for bettors to ensure they’ve got skin in the game all season long, as opposed to forking out cash to place bets on games every single night.


For context, placing a $100 futures bet on the Golden State Warriors allows a bettor to spread their bankroll out over the course of the entire season, rather than placing individual bets on each of the Warriors’ 82 regular-season games, plus playoffs. The emotional investment will still be the same in terms of how vigorously you cheer for the Warriors on any given night, but the financial investment isn’t anywhere near as confronting. 


However, futures bets are not without their pitfalls. For the impatient people amongst us, a futures bet can seem like it takes an eternity to payout and this wait can dampen some of the excitement. To counteract this, most sportsbooks will offer the opportunity to ‘cash out’ your futures bets. Put simply, the cash out option allows bettors to ‘cash out’ the bet before it is finalised, for a proportionate sum of money that reflects the current market value of the bet.


The variety of NBA futures bets available to bettors is extensive, but most fall into the category of either team achievements and milestones, or player achievements and milestones.






The most common type of NBA futures bet is trying to predict who will lift the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the season. However, there are also a number of other exciting team performance and milestone markets bettors can wager on including:

  • Eastern Conference and Western Conference Champions
  • Division Winners
  • Regular Season Win Totals (Over/Under)






If you don’t already have a favorite NBA player, placing a futures bet on an individual player performance or milestone is a great way to find one. You’re almost guaranteed to be checking the box score each and every night to see what kind of numbers they put up! Some examples of player-focused futures bet include:

  • MVP
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Most Improved Player
  • Coach of the Year


It’s important to note that if the player you’re looking for in these markets isn’t listed, you’ll have the opportunity to select the “FIELD” option. If picking the FIELD, you are wagering on none of the names listed (i.e. anyone else).



No NBA team has gone on to win the NBA Championship at longer odds than the 2014/15 Golden State Warriors. The Warriors opened at odds of +2800 to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy before defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and starting their Championship dynasty.


Our Bet Basics list of our top recommended sportsbooks provide the greatest selection of NBA futures bets on the market so you’re always getting the best odds available. Sign up for accounts with BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, 888sport and Bet365 to take advantage of our exclusive bonuses and special offers today!

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