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Kyrie Irving Wants Out of Brooklyn – Good Riddance

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is doing the Brooklyn Nets a favor. Possibly a great favor.

The talented, albeit petulant, narcissistic, smartest guy in any room has asked for a trade after his reps and the Nets couldn’t agree on a contract extension, according to published reports. Although this might seem like terrible news for a team that could contend for an NBA title this season, the odds of Brooklyn winning it all (+700 before Irving’s request, +1400 after) were not great for two reasons:

  1. No one knew when the next Kyrie Krises would arise.
  2. No one knew when Irving, or star forward Kevin Durant, or both, would suffer an injury. Both have been prone to missing time.

Durant has been out with a right MCL sprain. Now Irving wants out with a bruised ego.

Good riddance.

If it wasn’t his contention that the world is flat, it was his anti-COVID vaccine issue, or his initial support for an antisemitic movie, followed by his tone-deaf apology. Before the season he wanted out of Brooklyn via a sign-and-trade deal but there no takers.

Every player comes with  a baggage limit, especially the ones who can’t acknowledge they come with baggage.

The Nets tried the super-team approach, bringing Irving, Durant, and James Harden to Brooklyn. Harden is in Philly, leaving Durant and Irving to force out former coach Steve Nash. The team has played excellent ball under new coach Jacque Vaughn, peaking at 27-13 before Durant got hurt. The team has lost 7-of-11 without Durant who now might also want out of Brooklyn if Irving is gone.

You try being a Brooklyn Nets fan.

Irving, 30, has been terrific this season, averaging 27.1 points, 5.3 assists and 5.1 rebounds. He can be the difference-maker this season for a team such as the Lakers or Suns who are in win-now mode. He can form a ridiculous backcourt with Luka Doncic in Dallas, where the two point guards can be coached by one of the greatest of all-time in Jason Kidd.

Irving will go just about anywhere that can get him the two-year $78.6 million extension he desires. The question is what team is willing to pay the price in draft picks and/or player assets to commit almost $40 million per season for a player who comes with a pack of wooden matches and a can of gasoline?

Brooklyn has bent over backwards to accommodate Irving. But making Irving happy is like trying to get a 4-four-old to take a nap after eating a cupcake. Some things are out of one’s control.

Losing Irving might hurt in the short term, but Nets fans must ask themselves if they truly believe that, even with a healthy roster, their team could get past a Boston, Milwaukee or Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference and then a Denver, Memphis or healthy Golden State in The Finals.

Better yet, they should ask themselves if they want to continue to put up with the pyrotechnician known as Kyrie Andrew Irving? Or do they want the Nets to build a roster with players they can develop and that can develop together as a team?

All one has to do is look at Denver, Cleveland, Memphis or Milwaukee. Those franchises have drafted well and built winning teams. The players on those teams have bonded with their fanbases.

Now imagine life as a Brooklyn fan, waking up every morning and not having to fret if today is the day another Kyrie Krises rocks your world?


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